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ID Lanyards 101

ID Lanyards are among the most favoured accessories to display ID badges. Most establishments like schools, hospitals, government facilities and private institutions have found these lanyards to be vital in their everyday routine. Cards are readily accessible for easy identification and provide a sure way to comply with security

Blue Lanyards
procedures inside the workplace. The cords are long enough to reach a standard card reader that is usually mounted on the wall of any business office.
Unlike pins and clips, lanyards are easier to use and provide a lot of benefits for both workers and business owners. Top bosses will agree that many of their employees are able to comply with company policy regarding the wearing of ID cards inside their area of business.
ID Lanyards are very popular to use because of the following reasons:

1. Cost-Effective

For business owners with hundreds of employees, lanyards boost security while being inexpensive and budget-friendly. Costing less than a dollar, these lanyards are durable and can be expected to last for a very long time. Unlike small pins or clips, lanyards can’t be easily misplaced.

2. Variety

Many people with specific requirements are pleasantly surprised that lanyards come in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. Lanyard colors are versatile enough to match the company logo or artwork. It’s easy to blend style and function without spending too much.
Hospitals, food industries and other places that require strict rules on hygiene often choose anti-microbial lanyards. “Nano-particles” that deter the growth of germs and bacteria can be coated on the material of the cords. A breakaway mechanism that guards against choking and strangulation is an added feature that is very useful. The majority of schools and hospitals are now using these types of lanyards.

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The wide range of lanyard materials is also a welcome feature for many users. Intricate designs of logo or texts can be easily printed on polyester, satin, nylon or PET materials.

Artworks can also be printed on lanyards using offset-printing. This method assures consistency in image crispness and is low cost. For start-up businesses with very few employees, choosing heat-press printing for their artwork can be a money-saver. Unlike offset-printing or silk-screening that are chosen for big batches of printing projects, heat-press printing can accommodate small printing jobs at affordable prices.

3. Easy to Use

ID Lanyards are so easy to put on and take off. The convenience of easily slipping these over the heads is priceless! Even when everyone is in a hurry in the morning and rushing off to work, these lanyards can be worn effortlessly and quickly. Taking these off is also a painless procedure. There’s no clasp to unfasten, which can be difficult for older people suffering from arthritis, nerve or vision problems.
Back in the 1970s, most employees use pins and clips to pin IDs to their clothes. This provides a problem when the clothes are fragile and easily tear. To prevent their clothes from being ruined, most employees pin their IDs on the belt holder of their pants or even on their bags. Nowadays, because these lanyards can be easily slipped over the head, the chances of damaging the clothes are bleak.

4. Security

ID Lanyards provide the mandatory visibility for everyone, whether inside the workplace or in a public event. The logo of the company can be seen imprinted on the lanyard. Identification cards are displayed on the chest as well.
Using color-coded lanyards for different departments in the office can also be a wise move to boost cognizance. Visitors, non-personnel and outsiders can be quickly identified and accorded proper acknowledgement by the company.